Adult Students

Roanoke College’s Opportunities Program provides communication, support, and special incentives to allow adult students to attend college. The incentives include career services, non-credit seminars to prepare program participants for college, day and evening courses, and financial aid for part-time, degree-seeking adult students.

To qualify for the Opportunities Program, students must be at least 25 years old and satisfy the following requirements: A high school diploma or GED; a high school transcript satisfactory completion of Algebra II; Scholastic Aptitude Test, or ACT (when applicable); a minimum of a 2.2 cumulative transfer grade point average (when applicable). See "Admissions" for more specific requirements.

Credit will be granted only for academic courses similar to those offered at Roanoke and completed at an accredited college or university with a grade of "C—" or better. Official transcripts must be provided. Credits may also be received by adult students for grades of "C—" or better on appropriate College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. See Advanced Placement and Credit, Credit by Examination, and Transfer Credit for more information. See "Transfer Students" for more information.

Additional information is available by contacting the Director of Adult Studies at 540-375-2303.