Tuition for Intensive Learning Term

The Intensive Learning (IL) Term is held in May of each academic year. There is no additional tuition charge for one intensive learning term course. However, additional tuition costs may apply if the student was previously enrolled in an IL Term course. Students who take more than one Intensive Learning Term course will be required to pay an additional tuition charge at the rate of part-time tuition ($1,020.00). This amount will be billed on a separate invoice by the Business Office in April if these charges should apply.

Domestic/On Campus:

Current full-time commuter students Housing fees if student moves on campus (see below).

Current part-time commuter or transfer students, or current non-student $1,020.00 per unit tuition and housing fees if student moves on campus.

Current full-time resident students No additional housing charges or fees if student was a resident for at least two years and enrolled in their first IL course. No additional housing charges or fees if student was a resident for one year, has a room assignment for the next academic year and is enrolled in their first IL course.

Housing Fees

On-Campus 3 weeks $ 300.00 $ 423.00 $ 30.00
On-Campus 2 weeks $ 200.00 $ 282.00 $ 20.00
On-Campus 1 week $ 100.00 $ 141.00 $ 15.00

The Student Activity Fee of $25 and the Technology Fee of $31 will only be charged to students enrolled in one of the first three categories listed above. Students enrolled in courses involving off-campus travel will be responsible for the travel costs associated with the specific course.

Non-Travel Courses

Refunds - A 100% refund of tuition, housing and fees paid will be given to those students who drop an IL term course on or before April 15th. No refunds will be issued for students dropping an IL course after April 15.There will be a late drop fee of $100 charged to any student who drops the course after April 15th, as well as a late fee of $100 for students pre-registering for an IL term course after April 15.

Foreign Travel Courses

The initial nonrefundable deposit for all foreign travel courses is $300 and is due by December 1st. The tuition charge, if applicable, for these courses will be equivalent to the part-time tuition rate of $1,020.00 per unit. Additionally, the student will be responsible for paying all travel costs associated with the course. All tuition charges and travel costs must be paid in full prior to departure for the course.

*Please note: Both deposits and final payments for all IL Travel courses are considered nonrefundable.