In this section of the Catalog, majors or programs are listed alphabetically. Individual courses are listed under each heading. For purposes of administration, several majors or programs often come under a single department. Students interested in an academic major or minor should see the department chair. Students are responsible for noting and fulfilling all prerequisites for each individual course. All courses in the regular session with enrollments of five or fewer students may be canceled unless one or more of the following conditions are met:


At least three of the students need the course in the semester in which it is being offered in order to complete the requirements for a major.


The course is offered as a prerequisite for other courses in the major or concentration and cannot be rescheduled for another semester in which it might attract more students.


When one or two students need the course to graduate and special arrangements have not been able to be made within the department. A "required course" will be interpreted to mean not only those specifically required of all students in a major, but also those electives offered on a rotational basis when that course is the only one available in a particular semester which a student can use to satisfy major requirements.

Department of Biology Biology Environmental Studies; Medical Technology

Department of Business Administration and Economics Business Administration; Computer Information Systems; Economics; Accounting; Marketing; Finance; Human Resource Management; Health Care Administration; Global Business; Business Leadership

Department of Chemistry Chemistry; Environmental Science; Biochemistry

Department of Education, Health and Human Performance Health and Human Performance; Athletic Training; Teacher Certification

Department of English English; Communications; Creative Writing

Department of Fine Arts Art; Music; Theatre Arts

Department of Foreign Language French; German; Italian; Japanese; Linguistics; Russian; Spanish

Department of History Geography; History

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Physics Computer Science; Mathematics; Physics; Statistics

Department of Public Affairs Criminal Justice; International Relations; Political Science

Department of Religion and Philosophy Religion; Philosophy; Theology

Department of Psychology Psychology

Department of Sociology Information Analysis; Sociology; Health Care Delivery

The listing of a course in this Catalog does not obligate the College to teach the course unless there is sufficient enrollment to justify it. Courses are subject to change without notice.