The Curriculum Goals

Roanoke College’s curricular goals reflect the commitment to an integrative approach to education as put forth in our Statement of Purpose. They focus on teaching the liberal arts and a specialized area of study, as well as providing for the personal growth of our students. Students completing the Roanoke College curriculum successfully will have:

1. A broad base of knowledge and skills, including:


the ability to think critically and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;


knowledge of mathematical, scientific, and social scientific thought, methodology, and contributions;


knowledge of the human heritage along with an appreciation for diverse cultures and languages;


aesthetic awareness and appreciation; and


the ability to engage different systems of values and thought, both religious and secular.

2. A deep and balanced area of specialization in an academic discipline, including:


knowledge of the fundamental facts and postulates of the discipline as well as advanced knowledge within it;


understanding of the discipline’s role in society and its relation to other disciplines;


the skills needed to apply knowledge of the discipline to solve problems; and


the ability to use technology relative to the discipline.

3. A mature, integrated perspective that includes:


the ability to view issues from an interdisciplinary perspective;


a set of moral values based on critical reflection;


the ability to engage the spiritual and ethical dimensions of their work and in their lives;


commitment to service to others;


attitudes that support personal and social growth, along with mental and physical well-being; and


intellectual curiosity and a desire to continue learning.

To achieve these three goals, the student at Roanoke College takes courses in the General Education program, completes a major, chooses elective courses, and participates in co-curricular activities.

Our curriculum strikes an appropriate balance between knowledge and skills. We think that it will help our students to live the fullest possible life, to accept responsibility as workers and citizens, to form valid judgments, and to make ethical choices with integrity.

Of course, these are ideals. No college can guarantee that all these things will happen to every student. The Roanoke faculty believes nonetheless that this is a curriculum which offers every student a comprehensive program of study that will benefit his or her life.