Professor Warshawsky, Coordinator

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in international relations is awarded to students who successfully complete 12 units from the program of study outlined below.

I. Core Requirements

Students must complete each of the following:

A. HIST 150

Towards a Global Community

B. POLI 231

International Politics

C. IREL 401

Seminar in International Relations

D. One unit from:


ECON 237

Comparative Economic Systems


ECON 247

Global Trade and Finance


BUAD 211

Introduction to Global Management


BUAD 333

Global Marketing


POLI 333

Global Political Economy

E. One unit from:


POLI 221

Comparative Political Systems: Europe


POLI 222

Comparative Political Systems: Asia


POLI 224

Comparative Political Systems: Africa


POLI 225

Comparative Political Systems: Latin America

II. Western Perspectives

A. American Perspectives

One unit from:


POLI 225

Comparative Political Systems: Latin America


POLI 331

The Making of U.S. Foreign Policy


HIST 266

Modern American Diplomatic History


HIST 272

Latin America


SPAN 315

Contemporary Issues: Spanish America

B. European Perspectives:

One unit from:


POLI 221

Comparative Political Systems: Europe


HIST 241

Modern Russia


HIST 243

Modern Britain


HIST 340

Issues in Modern European History


GRMN 315

The Post-War Germanies

III. Global Perspectives

One unit from:


GEOG 110

World Geography


POLI 232

International Organizations


POLI 251

Environmental Public Policy


POLI 252

Human Rights Policy


RELG 130

Living Religions of the World

IV. Non-Western Perspectives

One unit from:


HIST 254

Modern Africa


HIST 282

Modern East Asia


HIST 284

Modern Middle East


POLI 222

Comparative Political Systems: Asia


POLI 224

Comparative Political Systems: Africa

V. Additional Perspectives

Students must select three additional units from among the previously listed courses and/or from among the following:


HIST 245

History of World War II


HIST 268

The Vietnam War


IREL 245

Public Affairs Inquiry


IREL 345

Public Affairs Data Analysis


SOCI 102



SOCI 324

Social Stratification


CJUS 326

Comparative Corrections


SOCI 335

Population and Society


FREN 311

Building a Nation: French Civilization and Culture I or


FREN 312

A Nation Emerges: French Civilization and Culture II or


FREN 315

Francophone Societies


GRMN 311

German Civilization and Culture or


GRMN 314

Cultures of German-Speaking Countries


SPAN 311

Civilization and Culture: Spain or


SPAN 312

Civilization and Culture: Spanish America

Students may also select an approved independent study, internship, intensive learning, honors in major or seminar unit within a relevant discipline. This must be approved by the program coordinator.

Please note:


Political Science 221 (Comparative Political Systems: Europe);
Political Science 222 (Comparative Political Systems: Asia);
Political Science 224 (Comparative Political Systems: Africa);
and Political Science 225 (Comparative Political Systems: Latin America)
may each be offered for major credit in only one of the above categories.


Economics 120 or Economics 121 may serve as a
prerequisite for Economics 237 (Comparative Economics Systems).


Economics 121 (Principles, Microeconomics) and
Economics 122 (Principles, Macroeconomics) are
prerequisites for Economics 247 (Global Trade and Finance).


Economics 120 or Economics 121 or
Business Administration 125, and 233 are
prerequisites for Business Administration 333.


International Relations 261 History 290 or Religion 270
may serve as an elective within the major whenever the
specific topical focus is international and/or comparative
in scope as determined by the major coordinator.

In order to best prepare themselves for international affairs— oriented careers and graduate study, majors are strongly encouraged to take as electives, courses which may enhance communication skills (e.g., foreign languages, computer-based information systems) and to pursue study/travel abroad opportunities.

245 Public Affairs Inquiry

An examination of the research techniques used in the study of politics. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be explored. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.
(Cross-listed with Political Science 245, Criminal Justice 245).

261 Selected Topics in International Relations

An examination of selected topics in international relations. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.

345 Public Affairs Data Analysis

An examination of the basic skills involved in the analysis of data, including an introduction to the computer. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.
Prerequisites: Political Science 245 and Statistics 101.
(Cross-listed with Criminal Justice 345 and Political Science 345).

401 Senior Seminar in International Relations

A multidisciplinary seminar on selected topics in international relations for senior students. The course is required for IR majors. (1)
Seminar: 3 hrs/wk.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

406 Independent Study

Supervised review of literature and a research project in the area of international relations. (1)
Prerequisite: Departmental permission.

416 Internship

A supervised placement providing practical experience in an agency relating to international relations. (1)
Prerequisite: Departmental permission.

495, 496, 497 Honors Project

A program of independent study culminating in a paper, artistic creation, or performance.
Prerequisite: To qualify for consideration to receive honors in the major, a student in his/her senior year or in the summer prior to the senior year must work under the guidance of his/her committee. A written proposal and application must be approved by the committee and department. A minimum GPA of 3.4 in the major is required. The 495 Honors Project is prerequisite for 497 Honors Project. (1/2, 1, 1/2)