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2008 - 2009 Catalog Addendum

Courses; Changes to Major; Changes to Minors; Changes to Concentrations; Education Changes


From the Dean; Catalog Policy

Roanoke College

Statement of Purpose; History; Accreditation and

Affiliations; The College Environment; Religion and

College Life; Faculty


Admissions; Freshman Application Procedure;

Transfer Students; International Students; Students

With Disabilities; Special Students; Adult Students

Financial Aid

Financial Aid; Financial Aid Regulations and Programs; Types of

Financial Aid; Scholars Program; Student Loan Fund

Student Services

Student Services; Student Life; Residence Life; Student Activities; Student Government;

Student Media Art, Music, and Theatre; Athletics; Social Fraternities and Sororities

Campus Safety; Health Services; Counseling Center

Student Conduct and the Disciplinary System; Conduct

Policies and Regulations


Finances; Tuition for Part-Time Students; Tuition for Graduates and

Senior Citizens; Tuition for Intensive Learning Term;

Miscellaneous Expenses; Method of Payment; Monthly Payment Plan;

Withdrawals and Refunds; Special Note

Academic Services

Goode-Pasfield Center For Learning & Teaching; Office of Career

Services; Educational Centers; Information Technology;


Academic Regulations and Procedures

Advisement; Registration; Auditing Courses; Course Load

Academic Integrity; Class Attendance; Course Changes;

Academic Credit and Classification of Students;

System of Grading; Academic Standards; Programs of Study

Requirements for Baccalaureate Degree Programs;

Transcripts, and Diplomas

Academic Programs and Opportunities

The Centers of Distinction Curriculum;

Teacher Licensure; Honors Program; Honors Elective;

Internships, Independent Studies, and Independent

Research; Summer Scholars Program; Semester in

Washington, DC; Study Abroad Opportunities;

Preparation for Graduate Work

Courses of Instruction

Courses of Instruction; Africa and the African Diaspora;

Art; Art History; Biochemistry; Biology;

Business Administration; Chemistry;

Co-Curricular Learning and Services; Communications;

Computer Information Systems;

Community Research; Computer Science;

Creative Writing; Criminal Justice; East Asian Studies; Economics;

Education; English; Environment Program;

Foreign Languages; French; General Studies;

Geography; German; Health and Human Performance;

Health Care; Hispanic/Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration; History;

Honors Courses; Intensive Learning; International Relations;

Italian; Japanese; Language; Legal Studies; Linguistics;

Mathematics; Medical Technology; Music;

Philosophy; Physics; Political Science;

Psychology; Religion; Russian; Sociology;

Spanish; Statistics; Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages;

Theatre Arts; Theology; Writing

Board of Trustees

Officers; Trustees; Trustees Emeriti;

President Emeritus; Treasurer Emeritus


Professors; Associate Professors; Assistant Professors;

Teaching Associates; Special Appointment Faculty;

Retired Members


Administration;  Academic Affairs; Admissions Services and

College Relations; Business Affairs;

Department Chairs; Religious Affairs;

Resource Development; Student Affairs

Correspondence Directory

Directory; Directions


2007-2008 calendar


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