Visiting Instructor Chapman

A major in Italian is not offered at Roanoke College.

101, 102 Elementary Italian I, II
A basic course in grammar and syntax, with oral and written work. Reading in preparation for literary and cultural appreciation. (1, 1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.; Laboratory: 1 hr/wk.

201, 202 Intermediate Italian I & II
These courses build on the foundation established in the Elementary Italian sequence. Basic grammar and vocabulary are reviewed and more complex grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary are introduced. Emphasis is placed on developing good conversational ability, reading comprehension and composition skills. In addition, elements of Italian culture are woven into the curriculum to promote a broader cultural appreciation of Italy. (1, 1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk; Laboratory: 1 hr/wk.
Prerequisite: Italian 102 or the equivalent.

301 Italian Conversation through Film
An advanced conversation course designed to enable students to improve listening skills and to practice oral communication about a variety of subjects and in a variety of contexts. Contemporary Italian films will be used as the primary “text” for this course; periodic grammar review, exercises, and cultural readings will also be included. Class will be conducted entirely in Italian. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk; Laboratory/Studio: 2.5 hrs/wk.
Prerequisite: Italian 202 or its equivalent.