Professor Jorgensen

A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in medical technology requires the satisfactory completion of: (1) at least 25 academic course units, of which not fewer than 17 units must be earned at Roanoke College; and (2) one year of clinical work after acceptance at an accredited hospital, for which the student will earn eight units of credit. A minimum GPA of 2.5 overall and 2.5 in the science courses taken is required. Apply for the clinical year in June of the year prior to admission. Acceptance to the clinical school is not guaranteed and is competitive. An affiliation relationship exists between Roanoke College and the medical technology program of Carillion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

This program generally requires the equivalent of three years of college study prior to the year of clinical work. Students must fulfill the core requirements of the College, the major program which is outlined below, and sufficient elective credit to achieve the units required for graduation. A major in medical technology consists of a minimum of 12 course units as described below:

Biology: Biology 120 (Principles of Biology), Biology 210 (Cell Biology) or Biology 315 (Genetics), Biology 235 (Microbiology), Biology 430 (Immunology), and at least two units chosen from Biology 230 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I), Biology 260 (Human Anatomy and Physiology II), and Biology 390 (Advanced Cell Biology).

Chemistry: Chemistry 111-112 (General) and Chemistry 221-222 (Organic).

Physics: Physics 103 (Concepts).

In addition, the student is advised to take Chemistry 341 (Biochemistry) and Computer Science 120 (Fundamentals of Computer Science I) for elective credit. INQ 240 (Statistical Reasoning) is strongly recommended for satisfying part of the mathematics General Education requirement. Biology 120 is required for all Biology courses above the 100 level. For additional details, including information about scholarships and applications for clinical work, the student is advised to consult with the medical technology advisor, Dr. Darwin Jorgensen, at the earliest opportunity.