Professors Hinlicky, McDermott, Wisnefske, Zorn; Associate Professor Maclean; Lecturers Benne, Brumberg, Delaney, Gunsten, Henrickson, Kelly, Lee

The Theology major focuses on the Christian tradition, its history, the development of its thought, and its transmission. It is designed to prepare students for seminary, graduate studies, and other church vocations. A major in Theology requires the completion of 12 units (at least one of which must be non-Christian*) These include:

Surveys (none required, and only one may count toward the major)
RELG 102 Christian Faith and Life
RELG 103* The Jewish Tradition
RELG 104* The World of Islam
RELG 105 Socrates, Jesus, and the Buddha
RELG 130* Living Religions of the World
PHIL 101 Philosophical Inquiry

Scripture (at least two)
RELG 201 Israelite Patriarchs, Prophets, Princes, and Priests
RELG 202 New Testaments Christianities
RELG 215 The Life and Teachings of Jesus
RELG 216 Pauline Christianity
RELG 217* Topics in Israelite and Jewish Religion
RELG 290 Feminist Readings of the Bible

History (at least two)
RELG 210 The Development of Christianity
RELG 211* Religions of the Hellenistic World
RELG 212 The Reformation (cross-listed as HIST 231)
RELG 214 Religion in America
RELG 246 The Holocaust (cross-listed as HIST 246)
RELG 250 New Religions in America
RELG 261 History of World Christianity I: 325-1500
RELG 262 History of World Christianity II: 1500-2000

Theology (at least two)
RELG 220 Christian Ethics
RELG 230 Introduction to the Theology of Martin Luther
RELG 231 Religion, Philosophy and Science
RELG 270 Explorations in Religion and Society
RELG 280 History of Christian Thought

Advanced (at least two)
RELG 312 Topics in New Testament and Early Christianity
RELG 317 Systematic Theology
RELG 320 The Theology of Jonathan Edwards
RELG 325 Modern Theology
RELG 330* Christianity and the World Religions

Philosophy (at least two)
PHIL 213* Religions and Philosophies of India or
PHIL 218* Religions and Philosophies of China
PHIL 221 Faith and Philosophy
PHIL 251 Early Western Philosophy
PHIL 252 Modern Western Philosophy
PHIL 260 Selected Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 265 American Philosophy
PHIL 301 Plato
PHIL 310 Kant’s Critical Philosophy
PHIL 315 Hegel
PHIL 321 Topics in Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 320 Nietzsche
PHIL 325 Heidegger
PHIL 340 Topics in Contemporary European Philosophy

Senior Thesis (one unit)
410, 411, 412 (1/2, 1, 1/2) or
495, 496, 497 (1/2, 1, 1/2)
POLI 342, 343, SOCI 327, or some IL courses may be considered electives with approval of the department.

Minor in Theology

A minor in Theology requires the completion of seven units. These include:

Surveys (none required, and only one may count toward the minor)
RELG 102, 105, 130; PHIL 101, 251, 252

Scripture (at least one)
RELG 201, 202, 215, 216, 217, 290

History and Theology (at least two)
RELG 210, 211, 212, 214, 220, 230, 246, 250, 261, 262, 270, 280

Advanced (at least one)
RELG 312, 317, 320, 325, 330

Other units from among those listed above (with no more than one survey course) to meet the seven units required for the minor.

POLI 342, SOCI 327 and some IL courses may be considered electives with the approval of the Department.