Course Load/Overload

The normal load of a student is eight units for each academic year. The student is expected to enroll in four units in each regular term; however, three units constitutes full-time status. A minimum of 33 academic units (including at least one unit of intensive learning), and two one-fourth units of physical education activities (or the equivalent) should be completed over a four-year period. In addition, students in the Honors Program must complete a Plenary Enrichment Program for each year the student studies on campus.

The College recognizes that some students must complete their study as rapidly as is consistent with sound academic standards. Students may therefore carry an academic overload commensurate with their ability.

An overload fee of $687.50 per unit is charged for each full unit taken in excess of five units. Approval to enroll in six or more courses requires the additional approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Further acceleration is possible by enrolling in May terms (beyond the one required) and/or Summer sessions. Thus, a student may enter the College in January, June, July, or August. A student may complete the requirements for a degree in three regular sessions (i.e., six semesters) and three Summer sessions.