Transfer Credit

Credit for academic work completed elsewhere will be accepted by official transcripts from regionally accredited colleges and universities if the courses are appropriate to the academic curriculum of Roanoke College. At least 17 of the total units required to graduate from Roanoke College (excluding physical education) must be earned at Roanoke College. At least one-half of the minimum number of units required for a major must be completed at Roanoke College. After a student has registered with Roanoke College, degree credit will be granted only for elective courses and, in exceptional cases, up to a total of two units in the student’s major or minor or concentration taken at another institution. Approval for courses taken in the major, minor, or concentration must be obtained in advance from the departmental chairperson and the Registrar. Approval will not be granted for courses previously failed at Roanoke College. Credit will be granted for work in which a grade of “C-” or higher has been earned; transfer grades will neither appear on the Roanoke College transcript nor be used in calculation of the cumulative or major grade point average. Exceptions to these policies may be made in extenuating circumstances as approved by the Panel on Admissions, Readmissions, and Appeals.

Through long-standing, consortial agreements with Hollins University and Wagner College, Roanoke College will grant academic credit for courses appropriate to a Roanoke College program, including grades and quality points, to those regular students who, with the approval of the appropriate advisor or departmental chairperson and the Office of the Registrar, enroll in a course at either institution, assuming that the courses concerned are not currently available to the student through Roanoke College.

There are additional conditions and limitations on transfer credit for persons seeking a second degree. (See “The Second Bachelor’s Degree” section.)

Degree credit will not be granted to a student for courses taken at any institution when the student is in a status of suspension or expulsion from Roanoke College or from any other college or university.