Academic Standards

Academic Standing and Scholarship Requirements
The Associate Dean/Registrar examines and evaluates the total record of all students in May and December to determine whether students shall be commended, placed on academic warning, or suspended from the College. All cumulative grade point averages are computed on the basis of all courses taken except those passed under the pass/fail option. A course failed will be charged as a course attempted. All minimum requirements that follow are stated in terms of academic credit and do not take into account courses carrying non-academic credit. Although there are advisors to assist, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student that he/she is correctly registered, completes the necessary course work for graduation and abides by the academic regulations of the College, as set forth by the faculty.

Academic Warning
Students will be placed on academic warning if their cumulative grade point average at the end of a term is less than 1.70 for freshmen, 1.85 for sophomores, or 2.0 for juniors and seniors. Academic warning indicates that the student is not performing academically at a level sufficient for graduation. Freshmen and sophomores especially should recognize that the GPA sufficient to prevent their being placed on academic warning is lower than that required for graduation.

Students who leave the College while in a status of academic warning, although not suspended, return with the same status.

Academic Suspension
Students placed on warning will be notified immediately after the Fall or Spring term. Students placed on academic warning will have two regular terms (fall or spring) in which to raise their cumulative grade point average to the required minimum for their classification provided that they earn at least a 2.0 term GPA in each subsequent term of warning. Students who do not meet the GPA requirement will be suspended for one regular term and must apply for readmission to return for a subsequent term.

Students who have served a one-term suspension and are subsequently suspended a second time will be suspended for two additional regular terms and must apply for readmission.

Students who have served two academic suspensions and subsequently fail to maintain the required GPA will be expelled from the College.

Any full-time student whose overall cumulative grade point average is less than 1.0 at the end of his/her first regular term will be suspended for a period of one regular term.

Any full-time student who fails all one unit courses in which he/she is enrolled during any regular term will be suspended immediately for a period of 12 months.

Students who have been suspended and wish to return to Roanoke must follow the readmission process described in “Readmission Process for Suspended Students.” Note that no course credits will be transferred to Roanoke College if earned while the student is in a status of suspension.

Students who are academically suspended from the College, serve their period of suspension, apply for readmission, and are granted readmission, will be subject to the rules of academic warning and suspensions, as stated in this catalog.

Students who appeal their suspension, have their appeal granted, and do not serve a period of suspension, are placed on academic warning and have until the end of their next term of enrollment to raise their grade point average to the minimum level required.

Appeals Process
An appeals process is provided for students notified of suspension, applying for readmission, or requesting a waiver of an academic rule, regulation, or requirement.

The Panel on Admissions, Readmissions, and Appeals is likely to consider favorably only those appeals based on truly extenuating circumstances or that offer compelling reasons for granting the student’s request. At all times the Panel attempts to balance concerns for the individual against concerns for equity.

Appeals regarding Intellectual Inquiry or Honors Program requirements must have the approval of both the director of the program and the Panel on Admissions, Readmissions, and Appeals.

Appeals are addressed to the Panel on Admissions, Readmissions, and Appeals, c/o the Office of the Registrar. Individuals are notified of the Panel’s decision once it has been made. New appeals submitted subsequent to a decision having been rendered will be heard only based on the discovery of new information which could not reasonably have been presented to the Panel at the time of the original meeting. The decision as to whether a new appeal meets this criterion will be made by the Associate Dean/Registrar, based on the condition noted above. If the Associate Dean/Registrar finds that new information has been discovered, the re-appeal is referred to the Vice-President/Dean of the College for a decision.

Readmission Process for Suspended Students
Students placed on academic, academic integrity, or disciplinary suspensions are not automatically eligible to return after their period of suspension. Students wishing to return following a suspension must reapply at least one month prior to the beginning of the term in which re-instatement is desired. The Panel on Admissions, Readmissions, and Appeals will evaluate requests for readmissions on the basis of the following criteria:

1. The student’s written statement in which (a) compelling reasons are offered for wishing to return to Roanoke College; (b) the student’s activities or accomplishments during the period of suspension are described; (c) he/she indicates why his/her academic performance will be better than before the suspension;

2. Evidence of the student’s ability to perform work necessary, within one academic year, to raise his/her GPA to the minimal level required for persistence at and graduation from Roanoke College (letters of recommendation from faculty members who can attest to the student’s likelihood of success at Roanoke College will be considered by the Panel in conjunction with the student’s statement);

3. Evidence of the student’s likelihood of making the social adjustment necessary for persistence at and graduation from Roanoke College.

The Panel expects suspended students to pursue academic course work during their suspension. While this work will not be transferable, it will be personally beneficial and will provide the College with valuable information in the event that the student applies for readmission.

The Panel will evaluate requests for readmission by students in terms of criteria listed above and determine on a case-by case basis whether or not to grant readmission. Please note that only written materials are reviewed by the Panel and that individual appearances before the Panel are not permitted.

New appeals submitted subsequent to a decision having been rendered will be heard only based on the discovery of new information which could not reasonably have been presented to the Panel at the time of the original meeting.