Records, Transcripts and Diplomas

Privacy of Student Records
In accordance with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the Associate Dean/Registrar has been designated the official to receive requests for, dispense information about, and maintain records on, all students. Such records consist of admissions data and the educational record of the students while enrolled at the College. Students may inspect these records upon written request and have access to the material in accordance with the law. Such records are not only accessible to certain responsible College and administrative personnel but may be reviewed and utilized by them if necessary. Records are not released to a third party without the specific written authorization of the student.

Any student, former student, or graduate of the College may, upon written request, have the Office of the Registrar provide a complete transcript of credits, provided all College bills have been paid. A payment of $5 is required for each requested transcript. Official transcripts carrying the seal of the College are sent to other institutions, to a prospective employer, or in a sealed envelope to the student. Unofficial transcripts may be openly issued to the student. In most cases, transcripts will be mailed within one week of receipt of the request.

Diploma Replacement Fee
Lost or damaged diplomas can be replaced by applying to the Assistant Registrar. The replacement fee is $30.00.