Students with Disabilities

Prospective students with disabilities are encouraged to visit Roanoke College. A personal visit enables the student and College representatives to meet and determine how the College might best serve the student’s particular physical needs and learning needs. Persons with disabilities which affect access to campus facilities should contact the Director of Campus Safety. The Director of Campus Safety serves as the Section 504 Coordinator; the Campus Safety Office is located in Bowman Hall.

Students with a diagnosed learning disability must send a copy of psycho-educational testing results to the Coordinator of Special Services in the Goode-Pasfield Center for Learning & Teaching. IEP or 504 plans will not be considered sufficient documentation unless accompanied by a full evaluation completed within three years prior to submission to the college. While Roanoke College does not offer a special program for students with learning disabilities, certain accommodations may be permitted based on the specific disability and the recommendations of the consulting professional. Any special considerations or accommodations requested by the student will not be allowed until testing results have been received and reviewed by the Coordinator of Special Services. All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to submit their documentation shortly after being admitted to the college to ensure that their accommodations are in place prior to the beginning of their first term.

At the beginning of each term, students will be required to obtain an Access Plan from the Coordinator of Special Services in the Goode-Pasfield Center for Learning & Teaching. This plan outlines necessary accommodations in accordance with submitted documentation. Students will submit an Access Plan to each instructor in whose class they wish to receive accommodations. It is then the students’ responsibility to speak with their professors regarding their accommodation. This process will be repeated each semester.