Special Students

Students who wish to pursue academic courses for purposes other than a Roanoke College degree are admitted to the College as special students. Special or non-degree students must be eligible to return to their previous institutions if they were not graduated and must possess the requisite academic background for college-level course work. Students may have to submit a transcript showing that a prerequisite has been met. Special students are subject to all academic rules and regulations of this College. If a special student later applies to be a degree candidate and is accepted, any courses completed as a special student at Roanoke College may be applied toward the degree. The residency requirement of 17 units however, must be completed after acceptance as a degree candidate.

A student whose eligibility verification is not available due to a late application for admission as a special student may be admitted to the College under the classification of temporary. This classification and the student’s enrollment remain valid only until the last day for students to withdraw from the College for that term under normal circumstances. If at that time the Admissions Office has not received written verification of graduation or of eligibility to return to previous institutions, the student will be automatically withdrawn from Roanoke College as of that date; if eligibility is verified, a student is reclassified as special-non-degree.