Financial Aid Regulations and Programs

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used by the College to determine the student’s financial need and serves as the initial application for financial aid.The FAFSA must be completed to receive any need-based funds from College, state, or federal sources.The College, through endowment and annual giving by alumni, friends, and parents, provides funds for student aid in a variety of forms.When these funds are considered with those from the federal and state programs, financial aid to students may reach substantial proportions. However, it is necessary to qualify for aid within certain limits and regulations.

In order to be fair to all applicants for financial assistance, the Financial Aid Office has established regulations governing the administration of the available funds.

1. Financial aid applications will be considered from new students after they have been approved for admission.

2. An applicant must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by March 1 to be considered for need-based aid.

3. Financial aid of various types is available to full-time, first time degree-seeking students carrying a minimum of three units per term. Generally, half-time students who are candidates for their first baccalaureate degree may apply for some federal student financial aid programs but are not eligible for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program, the Virginia College Scholarship Assistance Program, or most College grants and scholarships.

4. To renew merit-based financial awards, a recipient of aid should not be found in violation of College conduct policies and regulations and must maintain satisfactory academic progress according to guidelines available from the Financial Aid Office. To renew need-based assistance, recipients must complete a FAFSA each year. Eligibility for the Roanoke College Supplemental Grant may change if financial need changes.

5. Financial assistance is normally based on enrollment for a full academic year.

6. With the exception of the Beard Scholarship, total institutional dollars awarded to a student cannot exceed the cost of tuition in any given year.

7. Financial assistance is available to students regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, disability, or age.