Professors Kalinoski, Ogier, Talbot; Associate Professors Flores-Silva, Scaer; Assistant Professors Banuelos-Montes, Carrasco, Han; Visiting Assistant Professors Newbill, Stanco; Teaching Associates Chapman, Frost, Myers, Stanley; Visiting Instructors, Bernick

A major in language is not offered at Roanoke College. The following courses may not be counted toward the French or Spanish majors.

105, 106 Tutorial
A guided study of a foreign language or level of a foreign language not normally offered at the College. (1, 1)
Lecture: 2 hrs/wk.: Laboratory: 4 hrs/wk.
Prerequisite: Permission of the department.

221 English as a Second Language I
Basic English proficiency for intermediate English as a Second Language students. Emphasis is on the appropriate use of academic vocabulary, grammatical structures, verbal expression, and cultural inferences. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.
Prerequisites: This course is designed for students with TOEFL scores from 520 through 537. Placement to be confirmed by a Roanoke College proficiency test.
Co-requisite: LANG 222.

222 English as a Second Language II
Improving English proficiency for advanced English as a Second Language students. Emphasis is on the appropriate use of academic vocabulary, complex grammatical structures, organizational patterns, and rhetorical phrases and idioms in academic texts and student writing. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.
Prerequisite: This course is required of students placed in LANG 221 and for students with TOEFL scores from 538-550. Students with TOEFL scores from 551-570 may take this course with permission of instructor. Placement to be confirmed by Roanoke College proficiency test.

NOTE: Students on exchange and visiting students do not need GST 101 or 102 but may need the advanced proficiency provided by LANG 221 and 222. LANG 221 and 222 must be taken concurrently, unless the student is enrolled only in LANG 222 by virtue of a sufficiently high TOEFL score, proficiency test performance, and or recommendation of the instructor.

341 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
An evaluative study of language teaching methods. Development of teaching aids and a teacher’s resource book. Assignments will be made according to the student’s major language. PreK-12 levels of instruction will be presented. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.
Prerequisite: Permission.
(Cross-listed as FREN 341 and SPAN 341.)

405, 406 Independent Study
Guided reading and research of a particular facet of a foreign language, literature, and culture. (1/2, 1, 1/2)
Prerequisite: Permission.

416 Internship
Field placement providing the student with practical experience in work areas in which a foreign language is applied. These areas may include embassies, government service, international business, education, industry, and the communications media. (1)
(May be taken for major or minor credit.)
(Cross-listed as FREN 416 and SPAN 416.)