Assistant Professors Banuelos-Montes and Wallace Fuentes, Coordinators

Students in any major interested in developing a specialization in Hispanic America, Latin America or the Caribbean may earn a concentration in Hispanic/Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration by successfully attaining an intermediate level of either Spanish or French. They must also complete six units as follows: two of five core courses, three electives, and a capstone Independent Study approved by the program coordinators. No more than two courses from the student’s major may apply to the concentration and no more than three courses can be taken in the same discipline.

Core Courses

FREN 315 Francophone Societies
HIST 272 Latin America
POLI 225 Comparative Political Systems: Latin America
SPAN 312 Civilization and Culture: Spanish America
SPAN 315 Contemporary Issues: Spanish America


*BUAD 333 Global Marketing
*ECON 247 International Trade and Finance
ENGL 301 Special Studies in Language and Literature
ENGL 310 Literatures of the African Diaspora
*ENGL 312 Studies in the Cross-Cultural Imagination
FREN 330 Technical and Business French
FREN 380 Special Studies in French Language, Literature, and Culture
HIST 274 History of the Caribbean
HIST 290 Special Studies
HIST 375 Issues in Latin American and Caribbean History
HIST 475 Research Seminar in Latin American and Caribbean History
*POLI 252 Human Rights Policy
*RELG 130 Living Religions of the World
*SOCI 224 Race and Ethnicity
SPAN 323 Introduction to Literature: Spanish America
SPAN 330 Commercial Spanish
SPAN 340 Area Studies in Latin America
SPAN 380 Special Topics in Hispanic Life and Culture

Special Topics courses, Internships, IL courses, and Honors courses where applicable and with permission of the program coordinators.

*No more than one of the electives can be general comparative world in focus (see asterisks).