Professors Hanstedt, Heller, Hoffman, Kuchar, Schultz, A. Turpin; Associate Professors Almeder, Cooper, W. Larson-Harris, McGlaun, V. Stewart, Whiteside; Assistant Professors Mallavarapu, McGraw, Tenbrunsel; Teaching Associate D. Selby

The Literary Studies major provides students with the opportunity to indulge a love of reading and writing and to attain a broad appreciation of how the past lives in present cultural productions. Students master skills in critical reading and writing, analysis, synthesis and problem-solving that can lead to graduate work in literature or careers in journalism, editing and publishing, law, public relations and advertising.

The Literary Studies major requires 12 units of work as detailed below:

Required Courses (six units)
RHET 125 Texts, Rhetoric and Media
ENGL 240 British Literature
ENGL 250 American Literature
ENGL 315 Research Methods and Critical Perspective
ENGL 411/412 Seminar (two units)

Additional requirements (at least six units)

One additional course from the following list: CRWR 215, CRWR 216, ENGL 220, ENGL 256, or ENGL 260.

Two Early Historical Period Courses, chosen from ENGL 330, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, or from ENGL 301, 308, or 350 with an appropriate topic.

Three 300-level or above English electives. The following may substitute for the 300-level or above electives, as appropriate, and with department chair approval: ENGL 405, 406, 407, 416, 495, 496, or 497.

NOTE: Literary Studies majors and minors are encouraged to make ENGL 315 one of their first 300-level courses.

Minor in Literary Studies

A minor in Literary Studies requires six units: RHET 125, either ENGL 240 or 250, one other 200-level ENGL course, ENGL 315, and two ENGL courses at the 300-level or above.