Student Loan Fund

The Roanoke College Student Loan Fund is composed of assets from two principal sources:

Terrill Bushnell Mr. Bushnell
’14 bequeathed to Roanoke College two student loan funds in the name of his parents, Reverend Dr. John E. Bushnell and Annie Terrill Bushnell.The revolving scholarship funds are for the benefit of worthy junior and senior students who may be financially unable to bear the cost of continuing their education, with the student permitted to borrow from the fund in such amounts as may be decided by the Financial Aid Office.

Dr. Norborne F. Muir
Dr. Muir, a longtime friend of Roanoke College, bequeathed a gift, the income from which is a revolving loan fund for the primary purpose of making loans to worthy students with an established financial need who are seeking degrees at the College.These funds are loaned only to students requiring financial assistance who might not otherwise be able to attend and earn a degree, with such determination to be made entirely at the discretion of the College.