Student Activities

Campus-wide social and co-curricular activities are coordinated through the Colket Center, the College’s campus center.The Director of the Colket Center & Student Activities works with the student-run Campus Activities Board in providing a wide variety of activities to meet the needs and interests of the student body. Activities are open to all students and may include popular movies, live entertainment, dances, nightclub entertain- meant, and special events. National fraternities, both male and female, and special interest clubs provide additional social opportunities on campus.

A weekend shuttle, the Maroon Express, transports students from both the main and Elizabeth campus to downtown Roanoke city, a popular theater complex and a local shopping mall.The shuttle is a free service to all students.

The Outdoor Adventures program takes advantage of the College’s geographic location to offer a unique outdoor expe- rental program which helps the College fulfill its mission of developing the whole person.

Campus activities allow students to apply principles learned in the classroom to practical situations. As part of the cooperative curriculum, students involved in campus activities learn such leadership skills as budgeting, motivating, delegating, program- ming, evaluating, and negotiating.Also, involved students have the opportunity to develop close relationships with faculty and staff advisors.