Health Services

Student Health Services provides confidential on-campus health care services to all full-time students. The clinic functins like a typical doctor’s office and is staffed by family physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. Nurse Practitioners may treat both acute and chronic conditions as well as prescribe medications and therapies.There is no charge for office visits; however, lab tests, certain procedures, physicals, immunizations, allergy or other injections incur charges payable by cash, check, Maroon Money, and most major credit cards. For more information visit

It is college policy that Health Services staff not excuse students from class. Each professor establishes individual policies regarding absenteeism. Students are encouraged to contact faculty members when illness or injury interferes with class attendance. In certain situations, Health Services, with the student’s permission, may notify the registrar or individual professors of a student’s illness.

All new full-time students are required to provide a complete health record containing medical history, immunization record, and tuberculosis screening. Students will not be able to register for classes until this record is received. Part-time students may be asked to provide documentation of immunization history in the event of a communicable disease outbreak.