Miscellaneous Expenses

Activity Fee A student activity fee will be charged to all students as follows; $175.00 per semester for all full-time students and $35.00 per semester for all part-time students. This fee is used to cover the cost of student activities available to all students.

Application Fee $30 must accompany each application for admission.This fee is non-refundable.

Applied Music Fee (in addition to comprehensive fees)

The fee per term for applied music is as follows:

1. Declared music major at or above sophomore level; full- time Roanoke College student; one applied music course/term to a maximum of 7 N/C
2. Music major (as described in 1), per additional applied music course $ 400
3. All other full-time or part-time students per applied music course $ 400
4. MUSC 107 (Studio Ensemble) Fee $ 200

This fee is applied to the account of students registered for applied music courses at the end of the add period. If with- drawl from a course occurs later, there is no adjustment to this fee.

Auditor For fee purposes, a course for audit is considered the same as a credit course.

Breakage Excessive breakage of equipment in laboratory courses or of any College property in dormitory residences or elsewhere will be billed to the person responsible.

Credit by Examination A service charge of (765.00) per unit for currently enrolled students and $1,530.00 per unit for former students is made for giving an examination for credit in a course.The student omits class work and attendance and desires credit by successful completion of a comprehensive examination in the course.

Health Service Fees Students are charged for laboratory work, allergy injections, inhalation therapy, physicals, and gynecological examinations. Students are also responsible for prescription medications and any services received off campus. There are no charges for most routine healthcare and services.

ID Card Replacement A $25 replacement fee will be charged for lost ID cards.

Late Check-in Fee A $50 service charge is assessed to students who do not officially check-in by the appointed date.

Late IL Term Add/Drop Fee A $100 fee is charged to all students who add or drop an IL term course after April 15th.

Lost Key Charge All resident students are issued a room key at no charge.There is $25 charge for each key lost during the academic year, which covers the cost of changing the lock on residence hall rooms and issuing a new key.

Orientation Fee A $125 fee will be charged to all new incoming full-time students to cover some of the costs associated with orientation activities.This fee in nonrefundable.

Parking A $50 nonrefundable fee will be charged for a vehicle decal for student vehicles. Fines for parking in non-designated spaces for students range from $15-$50. See Motor Vehicle Policy in the Student Handbook for details.

Payment Plan Detailed information is outlined under “Method of Payment.”

Print Allotment Students are allocated $50.00 per academic year (Fall and Spring) on their Maroon Card for printing at computer labs on campus. $5.00 for Intensive Learning and $10.00 for Summer School. This fund is only for printing and is not refundable to the student.

Return Check Fee A $25 fee will be charged for each check returned by a bank.After three returned checks we will only accept payment in the form of guaranteed funds (ex. credit card, money order, cashier’s check, etc.).

Room Unlock Charge Resident students who lock them- selves out of their rooms are permitted two (2) free unlocks per academic year. Each subsequent unlock will cost the student $10.

Service Charge A $10 fee will be charged for all miscellaneous fines turned over to the Business Office to be applied to the student account for collection.

Single Room Fee There is an additional charge for resident students who are housed in a single room depending on residence hall. Please refer to the college website or contact the Business Office for more specifics.

Student Discipline Fines are part of the available disciplinary sanctions.

Technology Fee A $300.00 per semester fee is charged to each full-time student for information technology equipment and services that support students’ academic work. These facilities and services include, but are not limited to, the use of all student computer labs on campus, access to a wide range of standard software (e.g., word processing) in labs, electronic mail services and internet access, instructional software used by faculty and students, printing services in labs, help desk and technical support services, and the Fintel Library computer system.

Telecommunication Fee A fee of $150.00 per semester will be charged for use of cable television and network access through each student’s computer. This fee is for each on- campus resident student.

Unpaid Debt – Tuition, Fees, and/or Student Loans Student accounts are payable at Roanoke College at the time such charges are incurred. Graduating students with outstanding financial obligations will have a hold placed on their records withholding release of a diploma, transcript and other College services until the debt is satisfied.

Roanoke College regulations prohibit the following for any student whose account with the college is delinquent until the debt has been satisfied: registration for classes, room lottery, graduation, granting of credit, release of transcript, diplomas, schedules and loans.

Delinquent debts may be reported to a credit bureau. Unpaid student accounts which are deemed delinquent or student loans (i.e., Federal Perkins, RC Institutional) may be placed with a collection agency. Legal action may be taken to collect any balance due. If such action is required, the student/borrower will be liable for any cost associated with such action. The student/borrower should understand that collection costs will be a minimum of 33 1/3% of the outstanding balance including any reasonable legal fees.

Variable Expenses You will need to purchase textbooks for your college classes. Books will cost approximately $1,000 for each of the four years of your studies.Transportation and per- sonar expenses should also be calculated in your planning.