Educational Centers

Center for Church and Society

The Roanoke College Center for Church and Society aims at bringing Christian religious and moral perspectives particularly in their Lutheran interpretation – to bear on contemporary challenges to church and world.To further this goal, the Cen- ter encourages and supports interdisciplinary studies, faculty seminars on-campus, and cross-cultural studies off-campus, and sponsors lectures on contemporary issues as well as continuing education programs for clergy and laity.

Institute for Policy and Opinion Research

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research assists faculty members and students in conducting research projects in the local com- munity. These projects provide students with valuable and practical first-hand experience in research design, questionnaire construction, interviewing, computer use, data analysis, and report writing. In the past few years, students have conducted a statewide survey during Virginia’s 2006 campaign for U.S. Senate, a survey of Roanoke College alumni, a poll of Roanoke public housing residents, and surveys in several recent political campaigns.