Academic advisors are faculty and staff members who are avail- able for consultation in the planning of students’ academic programs. Students who have declared majors are assigned advisors in their major departments; freshmen and students who have not declared a major may be assigned a faculty advisor or an advisor from the Goode-Pasfield Center for Learning & Teaching.

Students should contact their advisors when planning their programs, when pre-registering and/or registering, and when needing advice or assistance relating to academic concerns or questions.Academic advisors can assist students in reviewing academic performance, exploring possible majors and other programs, examining special educational opportunities (e.g., internships, research, international study), or planning for graduate school. Students may also obtain supplemental academic and career assistance by contacting staff in the Office of Career Services.

Although faculty and staff can provide valuable assistance and guidance for students, the ultimate responsibility for devising appropriate schedules, meeting degree and program require- ments, and complying with all academic regulations belongs to the student.Therefore, students should be familiar with the College’s requirements, their major(s) and other program requirements, this Catalog, and their own academic transcripts.