Freshman Application Procedure

The Admissions Committee places primary emphasis on the applicant’s secondary school record. Subjects taken, grades, SAT or ACT scores and class rank are among the more important factors taken into consideration. More than ninety percent of the students rank in the upper half of their graduating class. The committee also reviews any additional information submitted by either the applicant or the school.

For freshman applicants who have pursued a non-traditional secondary education program, the General Equivalency Diploma, granted by the appropriate state agency, is recognized. A transcript of the work that was completed in high school is still required; a curriculum similar to that previously described is recommended.

Secondary school students must submit the following when applying for admission: (1) a completed application; (2) an official and complete high school transcript; (3) official results of either the SAT I or the ACT; and (4) the $30 application fee. The school record should be submitted directly to the Admissions Office by the applicant’s counselor or principal.

Roanoke College has no limitation on the number or proportion of qualified persons with disabilities who may be admitted. Applicants complete the usual application procedure. If special tests are available and appropriate, applicants are encouraged to use them.