Professors Berenson, Hinlicky, McDermott, Peterson, Wisnefske, Zorn; Visiting Assistant Professors Sherwood, Valco, Valcova

The major in Christian Studies focuses on the historical development of Christian beliefs and thought  up to their contemporary elaboration and transmission.  Designed to prepare students for diverse futures, the major emphasizes student choice within broad areas of competency. 

A major in Christian Studies requires the completion of 10 units:
Area options (six courses total):

Four courses from among the following:

Scripture: (no more than one)

                            RELG 201                            Israelite Patriarchs, Prophets, Priests, and Princes

                            RELG 202                            New Testament Christianities

                            RELG 215                            Pauline Christianity

                            RELG 216                            The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Philosophy:(no more than one)

                            PHIL 221                            Faith and Philosophy

                            PHIL 251                            Early Western Philosophy

                            PHIL 253                            Medieval Philosophy

                            PHIL 255                            Modern Western Philosophy

Ethics and History (at least two)

RELG 220                            Christian Ethics

RELG 282                            Augustine and His Legacy

RELG 284                            Luther and His Legacy

RELG 286                            The Legacy of Modern Theology

Required courses (two):

                            RELG 312                            Topics in Biblical Studies and Early Christianity

                            RELG 317                            Systematic Theology

                            RELG 330                            Christian Theology and the World Religions

                            RELG 340                            Seminar in Contemporary Christian Studies

One Senior Thesis or Honors Project:

                            RELG 410, 411, 412 (1/2 , 1, 1/2)              Senior Thesis

                            RELG 495, 496, 497 (1/2, 1, 1/2)               Honors Project

Electives (at least three):

RELG 102              Introduction to Christian Theology or

RELG 105              Socrates, Jesus, and the Buddha

RELG 212              Early Christian Conflicts and Community Life

RELG 212              The Reformation

RELG 214              Religion in America

RELG 225              Religious Life of Young Adults

RELG 231              Religion, Philosophy, and Science

RELG 240              Religion Interpretation in Film

RELG 246              The Holocaust

RELG 250              New Religions in America

RELG 270              Explorations in Religion and Society (when the topic has to do with Christianity)

RELG 290              Feminist Readings of the Bible

In addition, students are encouraged to take at least one course in non-Christian Religion.  They are also encouraged to take at least two semesters of Greek, Latin, or German, and an appropriate concentration and/or minor (such as classics, Peace and Justice Studies, Parish Youth Leadership or Philosophy).

Minor in Christian Studies
A minor in Christian Studies requires completion of six courses:

              Any four of the following:

                            One of RELG 201, 215 or 216

                            One of PHIL 221, 251, 253 or 255

                            RELG 220, 282, 284, or 286

              Any two of RELG 312, 317, 330, or 340.

Courses in other disciplines that focus on Christian thought and history may count towards the minor with the approval of the department.

Course descriptions can be viewed under the Religious Studies major.