Assistant Professor Xu, Coordinator

Students from any major interested in developing a specialization in East Asia may earn a concentration in East Asian Studies by successfully completing (with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0), either in an approved program in East Asia or on campus, at least six units. Of these units, two must be in an East Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean), one must be in East Asian History, and one must be in Asian politics. The other two units are to be taken from relevant courses on or off campus, including special topics classes. One unit may be taken from an international perspective (see East Asian Studies advisor for list of courses available). An internship or independent study focused on an East Asian topic in any department is also advisable; the topic must be approved by the East Asian Studies advisor as well as the relevant department. Interested students should contact the East Asian Studies advisor as soon as possible for help in identifying appropriate courses either on campus or overseas.

1.     Two units in a language (required)
Chinese, Japanese, or Korean

2.     One unit in East Asian History (required); in addition, up to two other units may be taken in East Asian history.
HIST 281      Early East Asian History
HIST 282      Modern East Asian History

3.     One unit in Asian Politics (required)

POLI 222      Comparative Political Systems: Asia

4.     One unit from an international perspective (optional)

BUAD 211    Introduction to Global Management
ECON 237    Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 247    International Trade and Finance
POLI 231      International Politics
POLI 232      International Organizations
RELG 130     Living Religions of the World

5.     One unit in an independent study/internship (optional)

NOTE: Either in any discipline as long as the topic is East Asian.

6.     One unit from Selected Topics (optional)
NOTE: Any selected topics course which focuses on Asia.