Professor M. Miller

A major in geography is not offered at Roanoke College.

101 Introduction to Geography
This course will examine the major research traditions of geography. The key elements to be examined include the foundation of geography, mapping, the earth science tradition, the culture-environment tradition, and the area analysis tradition. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.

110 World Geography
A geographical analysis of physical and cultural resources, patterns of human occupations, the distribution of population, and the important areas of commodity productions. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.

120 Geography of North America
A regional study of the continent based upon physical and cultural features. Consideration is given to different kinds of production in the various regions. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.

140 Urban Geography
A survey designed to acquaint the students with the concepts and principles of urban geography, promote a greater awareness of the spatial structure of cities and metropolitan regions, and provide the student with skills to interpret and explain locational and functional interrelationships and changes in urban areas. (1)
Lecture: 3 hrs/wk.