Residence Life and Housing

On behalf of the Residence Life and Housing staff, welcome to campus living! Our goal is to make your residence hall living experience a significant and positive part of your college life and beyond.

Like many private, liberal arts colleges, Roanoke is a residential college.That means that the campus living environment is an integral part of the college experience and is highly valued by the campus community as a complement to the classroom experience.We believe that living together in community provides residents opportunities to interact with other students, faculty and staff to enhance their social and interpersonal growth as citizens through shared living experiences.

The Residence Life and Housing staff is committed to encouraging an inclusive residence hall community that promotes civic and social responsibility, intellectual and personal growth, and physical and emotional well-being in its residents.We strive to achieve this community by providing our residents appropriate challenges and opportunities, support and encouragement, respect for community standards and recognition of one another’s individuality.

As members of a residential college, Roanoke students are required to live on campus during their full tenure as a student unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:

• have lived in the RoanokeValley area (within 30 miles of campus) for at least six months preceding the date of first enrollment and continue to reside with their parent(s)/guardian(s);

• are married;

• live with parents, grandparents or siblings who live in the Roanoke Valley area;

• are 23 years old (before the beginning of the term they desire to live off-campus);

• are a military veteran;

• are enrolled part-time (students who claim off campus status due to part-time enrollment and who return to full- time status during the current or a subsequent semester, will be charged the current room and board rate);

• have received and accepted prior approval by the Residence Life staff and are currently living off campus.

Part-time students must receive permission from the Residence Life and Housing staff to reside on campus. With the exception of Elizabeth Hall residents, residents are required to purchase a meal plan.

Residence hall space is reserved for a student after the individual has been admitted and has paid the tuition and room and board deposits. Students choose their room and roommate in late July.

Rooms are furnished with single beds (extra long mattresses), dressers, closets or wardrobes, desks, and desk chairs. Students are expected to bring linens (extra long), bedspreads, blankets, pillows, trash cans, lamps and any other personal articles. Housekeeping service is provided to clean common areas, but students are expected to maintain their individual rooms and apartments. The residence halls remain locked 24 hours a day. A room key and exterior door key or building access card are issued to each resident student. Each residence area is under the supervision of a professional Area Coordinator. In addition, a student Resident Advisor (RA) is assigned to each living area. The RAs assist students and enforce College regulations. Greek Resident Managers (GRMs) are assigned to the fraternity and sorority areas on campus and perform similar functions. Coinless washers and dryers are available for use by resident students during the regular academic year and the intensive learning term. The machines are operated by coin during the summers. Residence hall rooms and common areas have wireless internet access. Most students rely on their personal cell phones for telephone usage. However, the College provides a land line telephone upon request. A deposit for the telephone is required.

Rooms in residence halls, other than those designated for breaks and summer usage, are rented only for those periods of time that the College is in regular session as specified by the College calendar. Room changes are permitted until mid- spring semester. However, they must be approved by the Residence Life and Housing staff prior to the move.

The Resident Student Comprehensive Fee includes room and board and washer/dryer costs. Meals are served in the College cafeteria, known as the Commons, seven days per week. Commuting students may buy meals in the Commons. In addition, meals may be purchased in the Cavern, which is the College’s dine-in/take out option.

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