Campus Safety

The Office of Campus Safety provides police and security services, student escort services, security patrol of the campus, fire and personal safety programs, and traffic control. Campus Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day at the College and are radio dispatched to assist in and provide these services. Officers are appointed Special Conservators of the Peace by the Circuit Court and have arrest authority on College property. The Safety Office is located on the first floor of Bowman Hall. The office can be contacted 24 hours a day at 540-375-2310 or by using one of the direct-dial emergency “Red Phones” located throughout campus and inside many buildings and/or Yellow “access/Emergency” telephones which are located out- side each residence hall main entrance, as well as Belk Fitness Center. Six “Blue Light” emergency phone towers are located on the main campus and Elizabeth campus giving direct dial- ing access to the Salem 911 call center. VOIP telephones are located in all offices and classrooms and can be used in emergencies to call for help or by the College for announcements.

Each fall Roanoke College publishes an Annual Security Report and an Annual Fire Safety Report for residential facilities in compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965.The Annual Security Report contains information about safety and security procedures and policies on our campus. Included are campus crime statistics for the most recent three calendar years. The Annual Fire Safety Report contains fire safety information about each residence hall, as well as statistical data and fire safety policies and procedures. A “notice of availability” of the reports is distributed to all students and the reports are avail- able to prospective students upon request by contacting the Admissions Office.The reports can also be found on the college web site at

Automobiles - All students who wish to register their vehicle with the Office of Campus Safety will need to pay an annual vehicle decal fee and display the decal on their vehicle at all times when parking in student parking on campus. Resident students fromVirginia may be subject to paying personal property taxes on their vehicles to the City of Salem.These students should contact the Salem Commissioner of the Revenue to determine their status.A summary of parking and motor vehicle policies is distributed to students when a vehicle is registered and a parking decal issued. The complete policy is found in appendix H of the Student Handbook.