Information Technology

The Information Technology Division manages all computer and media support for the College.The Roanoke College campus is a fully networked campus with data, voice, and video services extending to all campus buildings and residence hall rooms.The twenty-one student computer laboratories with 293 networked multimedia computers distributed throughout the campus provide the students with excellent access to the computing facilities.The campus network – RCNet – provides students access to a wide range of resources.The World Wide Web and e-mail services can be accessed from the public access laboratories as well as the student’s residence hall room. Over 100 microcomputer applications are available including spread- sheets, word processing, and database applications from the student computer laboratories. Fifty computers also run the LINUX operating system for students studying Computer Science.

On entering Roanoke College the student begins immediately utilizing the information resources. All entering students are provided e-mail accounts. Students are also provided access to a private network storage area that is accessible from the student computer laboratories or from a personal computer via RCRC (

Roanoke College’s Instructional Technology Resource Center, located on the first floor of Trexler Hall, is a full service facility for the audio-visual needs of the campus and provides equipment for use in preparing and giving presentations.

Computers are an integral part of the curriculum at Roanoke College.The Intellectual Inquiry Curriculum, as well as the Computer Science major, relies on the excellent access to information and services provided by Information Technology.