Class Attendance

The College is committed to the principle that class attendance is a vital part of its academic program.Attendance makes possible that dialogue between student and teacher which is the foundation of the educational process.Thus, absence from class denies students access to the full measure of a college education.

Regular class attendance is expected in all courses. Individual instructors who have specific attendance requirements will state these on the syllabus distributed at the beginning of each course. Every student is accountable for all work missed because of class absence. Instructors, however, are under no obligation to make special arrangements for students who are absent.The Office of the Registrar will forward any information or request made by students to the instructors.This, however, does not constitute an excuse for absence from any class meeting. A listing of mandatory events outside of stated class hours must be made available to the students before the end of the designated course Add period. If out-of-class events are added after the course Add period, alternate events or assignments must be provided for students with conflicts.

Unless prior consent for absence from the first meeting of a class is granted by the course instructor, the instructor may request that the Office of the Registrar drop an absent student from the class roster. However, it is the responsibility of the student, not the instructor or the advisor, to make sure he/she is enrolled in the correct schedule each term.