The College Environment

The sense of community at the College provides a setting in which students are readily recognized for their accomplishments and are encouraged to realize their fullest potential. Students are also able to enjoy the security and the support that can be engendered only by personal relationships. Classes, clubs, societies, sports, and performing arts groups are small enough to assure participation. The College furnishes an opportunity for a fuller self-awareness and for achieving a responsible knowledge of society.

The majority of students – after Virginia residents – name Maryland, Massachusetts, NewYork, New Jersey or Pennsylvania as home, with other points in New England and the South being well represented. While most of our students come from about 40 states, the presence of international students on the campus helps diversify our student body. Most students find friends from cultures both similar to and divergent from their own.

Located in the Roanoke Valley of southwest Virginia, below the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, the area is home to approximately 300,000 people. Roanoke College resides in the city of Salem, which has a population of about 25,000. The College is located off Interstate 81, and is only a few minutes from the Roanoke Regional Airport which has service to nine major cities including Atlanta, Charlotte,Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit and others.

The Roanoke Valley serves as the region’s cultural, economic and entertainment center, and features opportunities such as the Taubman Museum of Art, the Roanoke Civic Center, the Jefferson Center,Valley View Mall and others. The nearby Blue Ridge Mountains offer many opportunities to hike, bike, ski and canoe.

The campus is a blend of Collegiate Gothic and Georgian architecture. The Administration Building (which houses the offices for the President and the Vice-President/Dean of the College, as well as the Office of the Registrar and Office of International Education) was constructed in 1847; together with Miller Hall,Trout Hall, and Bittle Hall that flank it, the Administration Building is registered as aVirginia and National Historic Landmark.

The Fintel Library has more than 3000 new items added to the collection annually. Besides the sheer size of the collection, Fintel library is proud to offer the latest in electronic journals (providing access to thousands of titles) and a wide selection of multi-media materials. Among the most popular items is the 1000+ volume DVD collection. In addition, the library is also a selective depository for the United States Government Documents.