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The Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics department at Roanoke College actively encourages and promotes student research. Below you will find titles of past independent studies, with links to the mini-posters that go onto the Independent Study Wall of Fame in Trexler Hall.

Davis Tingle "Drone Delivery Optimization in Mixed Fields" 2022
Levi Johnson "Firespread Visualization With W/FDS" 2022
Katie Charbonneau "Machine Learning for Analyzing and Predicting Armed Conflict" 2022
Lilly Blair "The Chaotic (or Noisy) Spread of Measles" 2022
Jake Beardsley "The Harden Effect: the Impact of Drawing Fouls" 2021
Brian Grimmett "Engineering Internship at Log-Rhythms Using PowerPaddle" 2021
Megan Wheeler "Roanoke College Women's Basketball Analytics" 2021
Andrew Droubay "Interactive Fire Spread Simulation" 2021
Alex Hutson "Role of Arduino Technology in Enhancing Range of Motion in Prosthetics" 2020
Rosie Hamed "Monitoring Dosimetry Rates in Medical X-Ray Therapies" 2020
James Fennell "Engineering Physics: Measuring Physical Concepts" 2020
Razan Hamed "Dynamic Phase Transition in a Kinetic Ising Model" 2019
Liv Long "Mathematical Compositions and Musical Calculations" 2019
Brenard Claytor "Spectral Characteristics of Active Galactic Nuclei" 2019
Andrew Droubay "Videogame Effectiveness Teaching Pointers in Computer Science" 2019
Rachel Lindsay "Extending the pH Range of the pHyter" 2019
Drew Luther "Machine Learning to Analyze Teacher Engagement" 2019
Thomas Peacemaker "ImprovedMachine Learning Urban Estimation Model" 2019
Daniel Smith "Recording Parking Lot Usage With WiFi" 2019
Taylor Yarn "Predicting Cryptocurrency Prices Using MultipleSocial MediaPlatforms" 2019
Austin Bane "Automatic Bias Detection in Machine Learning Data" 2019
David Pittman "Player Modeling Using Only Player Inputs" 2019
Megan Wheeler "Expected Points For D-III Women's Basketball" 2019
Michael Johnson "Open-Source Open-Science Research in R" 2019
David Lloyd "Measurement of Magneto-Crystalline Anisotropies" 2019
James Fennell "Differences in Magnetic Properties" 2019
Anna Stauffer "Analyzing K-Means Graphs to Prevent Gerrymandering" 2019
Andrew Webb "Creating Interactive Fire Spread VR" 2019
Morgan Hale "Mineral Identification on Mars" 2019
Emma Blair "Impact of the Shot Clock on Women's Lacrosse" 2018
Lexi Denning "Expected Goals for Women's Collegiate Soccer" 2018
David Moreau "PGA Tour Strokes Gained Course Analysis" 2018
Morgan Heckman "Modeling Circadian Rhythms in Spiders" 2018
Eve Allen "Shortcomings of Canonical Stellar Evolution Models" 2018
Liam Lambert "3D Printing Path Algorithms Using Graph Theory" 2018
Rachel Lindsay "Graphene-Based Nano Membranes" 2018
Lexi Denning "Roanoke College Soccer Analytics" 2018
Joey Miller "Roanoke College Basketball Analytics" 2018
Matt Prince "Roanoke College Basketball Analytics" 2018
Andrew Feeney "Roanoke College Lacrosse Analytics" 2018
Sooyeon Chun "Carillion Clinic Health Analytics and Finance" 2017
Sean Gilley "FBI Government Internship" 2017
Nick Brown "Infinitesimal Symmetries of the 2-D Lotka-Volterra System" 2017
David Moreau "Interactive Virtual Reality Molecular Dynamics" 2017
David Matheny "Classic Neural Models for Small Cell Effects" 2017
Damian Ream "Health Physics at Surry Nuclear Power Station" 2017
Drew Luther "Term Extraction and Relation Using the Stanford Parser" 2017
Austin Bane "Modelling Protostellar Disk Formation" 2017
Mutahir Nadeem "Automating Detection of Online Fingerprinting" 2017
Josh Storo "Interactive Lighting Control in Intimate Settings" 2017
Damian Ream "Geometric Approach to an Effective Quark-Antiquark Interaction Potential" 2017
Christian Moore "Adding Social Networks to an Epidemic Agent Based Modeling Framework" 2017
Emily Huffman "Dynkin Diagrams: the Visual Language of Semisimple Lie Algebras" 2017
Liam Lambert "Transformation and Characterization of Nanoparticles" 2017
Connor Ricks "BlockBoard: a Fully Functional Soft Keyboard" 2017
Linnea Kremer "Analysis of Roanoke College Men's Soccer Shot Patterns" 2017
Jared Thomas "Transistors, Gates, and Integrated Circuits" 2017
Derek LaFever "Tracking a Shuttlecock using the Microsoft Hololens" 2017
Zach Rodgers "The Reason You Can't Play Basketball Might Be Genetic" 2017
Justin Giguere "Turtling in Dynamic Scripting" 2017
Nick Brown "The Quintessence of Lie Groups" 2017
Kimi Halverson "Tracy - Interactive Visual Code Tracer" 2017
Anderson Lidz "Classical Lie Algebras Cartan Matrices" 2017
Sky Weber "Sabermetric Comparisons between Major League and ODAC Baseball" 2017
Jacob Barfield "Modeling the Effect of Riluzole on Bursting in Respiratory Neural Networks" 2016
Victoria Brown "Rethinking Calculus I at Roanoke College" 2016
Taylor Ferebee "A Physics Student's Take on Cell Materials" 2016
Connor Sampson "Modeling the Effects of Oscillating Nagnetic Fields on Magnetic Moments" 2016
Hanna Lyle "Mossbauer Spectroscopy and NASA's MER Mission" 2016
Josh Carr "Temperature Dependence of Vibrational Modes in Two-Dimensional TMDs" 2016
Maya Shende "Applications of Supervised Learning Techniques on Admissions Data" 2016
Natalie Wilkinson "Optical Musical Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models" 2016
Stephanie LaFever "Simulation of Lagrange Points in the Solar System" 2015
Derek LaFever "Measuring Attention and Fatigue in Exergames" 2015
Josh Carr "Spectroscopic Study of Magnetic Nanocrystals" 2015
Linnea Kremer "Spectroscopic Study of Magnetic Nanocrystals" 2015
Brian Ruane "The Use of Cobalt Doped Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Carbon Nanotube Growth" 2015
Phillip Barbolla "Optimizing Course Offerings With Genetic Algorithms" 2015
Natalie Wilkinson "Optical Musical Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models" 2015
Kristin Emrich "An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Changes in First Semester Calculus" 2015
Julian Ramirez "Experimenting With Clutch Statistics" 2015
Dio Beck "Modeling and Instrumentation Testing for Stormwater Outfall Dispersion" 2015
Aaron Jackson "A Graph Theory Analysis of Food Deserts in Roanoke" 2015
Chris Valentine "Coded-Aperture Applications in Neutron and Gamma Ray Imaging" 2014
Cam Cassady "Coded-Aperture Applications in Neutron and Gamma Ray Imaging" 2014
Phillip Barbolla "Swarm Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, and Particle Swarm Optimization" 2014
Amanda Wright "Evaluation of Tracers in Optical Flow Measurements" 2014
Sam Parsons "Protecting Confidentiality Through Synthetic Data and Mediator Servers" 2014
Taylor Ferebee "Forecasting Blockbusters" 2014
Thomas Lux "Recursive Median Blob Detection" 2014
Randall Pittman "Predicting Memory Performance of Graphics Card Programs" 2014
Heather Cook "Assessment of Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay by Parameter Estimation" 2014
Jamie Deyerle "Maximal Snakes of Length 2d+1" 2014
T.J. Kemper "Memorability of BDAS Passwords with System Generated Grid Selection" 2014
Sean Reed "Distributing Tasks Using Stigmergy and Ant Behavior" 2014
Melissa Rickman "An Android App for Detecting Engine Misfires" 2014
Drew Bowers "Multiple Image Steganography With an Image Deficit" 2014
Allen Kirby "Instrument Identification in Rock and Metal Using Partials" 2014
Jon Marino "Compositions and Counting Cards" 2013
Thomas Lux "Analysis of Sensors for Robotic Localization and Mapping" 2013
John Guidry "Beat and Emotion Tracking Mobile Radio" 2013
Randall Pittman "Analysis of Sensors for Robotic Localization and Mapping" 2013
Maya Shende "Computational Modeling of the pre-Botzinger Complex" 2013
Jen Baker "Medical Physics: Radiation Therapy" 2013
Jonathan Marino "#GraphTheory in 140 Characters or Less" 2013
Jonathan Thompson "Computing Large Matchings in Planar Graphs of Degree Five" 2013
Marc Sandoval "Automated Handwriting Feedback Tutor" 2013
Joe Jackson "Comparison and Analysis of GPU Energy Efficiency" 2013
Daniel Ballou "Synthesis and Characterization of Cr and Co Substituted Goethite" 2013
April Saul "Chaotic Dynamics in the Heart" 2013
Brandon Shelton "Assignment Evaluations at a Micro Level" 2013
Austin Howard "A Distributed Parallel Factorization of RSA Keys" 2013
David Guynn "The Influence of Environment on Galaxy Evolution" 2013
Anne Kyner "Synthesis and Characterization of Mars Analog Iron Oxides" 2012
Heather Cook "Optimal Strategy in Blackjack Switch" 2012
Justyn Dooley "Analyzing Directional Thoughts With Artificial Intelligence" 2012
Sarah Witt "Defining Influence in Social Networks" 2012
Anne Kyner "Investigation of Mossbauer Data From Planet Mars" 2011
Emerson Wooge "The Role of Consistency in Team Sports" 2011
Avery Makel "Investigating Self-Sufficient Refrigeration Via Solar Collection" 2011
Jared Meadows "Something About Not Knowing Which Game You Are Playing" 2011
Jon Ostrander "Virtual Reality: a New Learning Method" 2011
Sarah Witt "Graph Theory and Social Networking" 2011
Akram Sublouban "L-Systems and the Algorithmic Beauty of Plants" 2011
Timmy Balint "Examining Morphologies in Nanocrystals" 2011
Ahmad Dahche "Twyman-Green and Michelson Interferometry" 2011
Natalie Horvath "Optimal Solutions to the Ride and Tie Problem" 2011
Amanda Coughlin "A Rating System fro PGA Golfers" 2010
Timmy Balint "A Gesture Recognition Algorithm Using OpenCV and Pybrain" 2010
Paul Vines "Switching Speeds of Carbon Nanotube-Based Memory Devices" 2010
Lindsay Van Leir "Graph Theorizing a Liberal Arts Education" 2010
Danielle Shiley "URAP: Calculus in Health and Economics" 2006-10
Steven Nunnally "Measuring Presence in Virtual Environments" 2010
Paul Vines "Y-Branches in Carbon Nanotubes" 2009
Matt Potts "Origins of a Galaxy Group in Cluster A3128" 2009
Matthew Browning "Exploring the Impact of No Child Left Behind" 2009
Mark Lucas "Evolution of Particle Swarm Intelligence" 2009
Ivanka Barzashka "Galaxy Morphology Relationships in the Abell 2318 Cluster" 2008
Steven Nunnally "Presence in an Immersive Environment" 2008
Mark Lucas "Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman Problem" 2008
Alex Moore "Analysis of Marine Corrosion Processes" 2007
Casey Gearheart "Success in Introductory Math: Prediction Based on Regression" 2007
Adam Gray "Swarm Intelligence Optimization" 2006
David Myer "The Mathematics of Ranking Systems" 2006
Hampton Smith "Portability of Natural Language Database Systems" 2006
Drew Fleming "Accessible Accessibility" 2006
Jake Bennett "Growth and Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes" 2006
Connie Baker "Spectroscopic Investigations of Maghemite Nanocrystals" 2006
Jessica Young "User Friendly Web Queries" 2006
Jordan Klein "Spectroscopic Investigation of Gussev Crater, Mars" 2006
Richard Goeres "Fourier Series, Wavelets and Image Applications" 2006
Scotty Smith "A Study of Mobile Agents" 2006
Emily Wooge "Image Compression: Fourier Series and Wavelets" 2005
Jake Bennett "The Mathematics of Tennis Serves" 2005
Kim Thomas "The Effectiveness of Homewowk in High School" 2005
Laura Cassels "Identification of Nanophase Akaganeite in Corrosion Products" 2005
Mason Vines "Upper Bounds for Optimal Channel Assignments" 2005
Mathew Miller "Project Nanophase Hematite" 2005
Matt Cleveland "Maximal Snakes in d-Dimensional Hypercubes" 2005
Jessica Young "Using PHP and MySQL to Create a Dynamic Portal" 2005
Scotty Smith "The Channel Assignment Problem in Three Dimensions" 2005
Aleah Dillon "Maximal Snakes in Hypercubes" 2004
Billy Scott "Empirical Work on Optimal Channel Assignments" 2004
Hanan Dahche "Design of a Simulator for Ionizing a Radiation Detector" 2004
John Pepin "The Statistics of Cataract Surgery" 2004
Mason Vines "The Prisoner's Dilemma in Parallel" 2004
Rich Egger "The Real Statistics Needed for the Baseball Hall of Fame" 2004
Ben Hardin "Bootstrapping" 2003
Danny Rice "Synchronization" 2003
Marcus Cleveland "From Mandelbrot to Julia" 2003
Rachel Mitchell "Mathematics in Nature" 2003
Ben Hosp "The Prisoner's Dilemma" 2002
Chris Brothers "/uPortal at Roanoke College" 2002
Liz Sloop "Is Streak Shooting a Cognitive Illusion?" 2002
Laura Beth Viventi "Gothic Cathedrals and Sacred Ratios" 2001
Julie Critchfield "Sampling Methods" 2001
Jon Bernard "Genetic Algorithms" 2001
Gus Scheidt "Maximal Snakes in Hypercubes" 2000
Philippe Moore "An Interactive Timetabling System" 2000
Deana Carideo "Statistical Anaysis of Recycling at RC" 2000
Yulia Romaniuk "The Golden Ratio: Mathematics in Architecture and Art" 1999
Kelly Beeman "Knot Theory" 1999
Kimberly Schlitt "Number Theory and Cryptography" 1999
David Angell "Polymorphism in Modern Programming Languages" 1999
John Paul Roop "Power Spectrum Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Sequences" 1999
Chris Bernard "Mathematics of Neural Networks" 1999
Ken Sollars "Development of an On-Line Teaching Kit" 1998
Brian Rickabaugh "Maximal Snakes in Hypercubes" 1998
Geoff Boyer "The Mathematics of Golf" 1998
Laura Jacobsen "Fuzzy Regression and the Baseball Hall of Fame" 1997
Chad White "An Exploration of the Mandelbrot Set" 1997
Arika Blankenship "Probability versus Fuzzy Logic" 1996
Ellen Rachel Shelton "Iterates of the Cosine Family" 1996
Shelia Fulk "Fuzzy Logic and Control" 1995
Vernon Miller "Connectivity of the Internet" 1995
J.J. Maybury "Neural Networks" 1994
Christine Valera and Angela Dowdy "The Genetic Algorithm" 1994
Angela Dowdy "Operations Research" 1994
Brian Sheppard "Fractal Physiology" 1994
Kim Knorr "The Chaotic Bouncing Ball" 1993
David Hill "Random Boolean Networks" 1993
Lori Schwehr "The Stability of Delay Integral Equations" 1993
Luz Isaza "Multimedia Language Lab" 1993
Kim Johnson "Computer Simulation Using Functional Programming Languages" 1993
David Thompson "Is It a Knot or Not?" 1992
Nicole Logan "Sequences of Iterated Functions" 1992
Chris Hylton "Time Series Analysis" 1992
Erica Thompson "Sequences of Iterated Functions" 1992
Chris Assaid "Time Series Analysis" 1992