Sports Math
Roland Minton
Capp-Whitehead Professor of Mathematics
Roanoke College
Salem, Virginia
This website is a companion to the CRC Press book Sports Math. Please send me corrections or additions to the book.

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Here are some good places to visit for research ideas, finding out what others have done and getting ideas for what you can do next.
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Please consider sending your work to be posted here. As the site evolves, I hope to have blog and wiki areas to make it easy to get in touch with each other and share results.
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By the Numbers
Golf By the Numbers is my book on golf analytics. The website is full of golf statistics. By the Numbers is my longstanding college football ratings blog.
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Roanoke College hosted the Virginia Sports Analytics Meeting on September 16, 2017, and we take a large group of students to the excellent CSAM conferences at Furman University. The sports sessions at the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in early January are great. The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is a star-studded event. Several other international meetings are recommended.
Sloan Sports

Link to Sports SIGMAA for the website of the Mathematical Association of America's special interest group Sports SIGMAA.

Stat Crew
Stat Crew is a group of students at Roanoke College whose goals are to promote student research and provide analytics for the college's athletic teams. A sampling of results can be found at Stat Crew page and the public home page is at
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