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A List of Class-Tested Calculus Projects
The Smith-Minton family of textbooks includes Calculus: Early Transcendentals and Calculus: Late Transcendentals , now out in their fourth editions, Calculus: Concepts and Connections and translations into various languages. A Calculus Essentials textbook has been completed.
Intended for students majoring in mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and related fields, these best-selling texts follow traditional table of contents yet also address many of the goals of calculus reform. A strong emphasis on problem-solving provides plenty of opportunity for the use of technology, exploratory techniques and real-world applications. Key features that make the Smith & Minton series outstanding include:
            Appropriate use of technology (graphing calculators and computer algebra systems)
            A rich variety of interesting and unique applications from sports, medicine and other areas
            Extensive use of graphics and numerical tables to introduce and develop concepts
            Careful derivations and clear explanations with helpful warnings about common mistakes
            Flexible exercise sets with writing problems and projects in each section
            Candid discussions of advantages and disadvantages of techniques covered
The readability of these texts make them ideal for use with clickers, group projects and other pedagogical techniques for increasing student involvement and understanding. Take a guided tour of the second edition.