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Courses Taught

The philosophy of teaching mathematics courses at Roanoke College has always been that everybody teaches everything. I like this for several reasons. One is that the process of teaching a course involves learning the material at a high level. Learning is fun! Another reason is that by teaching a variety of courses I am in a good position to make connections between courses that enlighten underlying mathematical concepts for myself and the students. By the same token, I cannot keep using the same old assignments and course structure if my schedule changes regularly. My courses stay fresh, I'm having fun learning, and students are more likely to want to join in the fun.

After a few semesters at Roanoke, it occurred to me that it would be possible to teach every course in the mathematics catalog. This seemed like a worthy goal for someone who grew up trying to collect complete sets of baseball cards! At one point, I had done this, but we added courses and others were better suited to start them up.

Math 111 Mathematical Models for the Management Sciences
Math 115 Quantitative Biology
Math 121 Calculus I
Math 122 Calculus II
Math 131 Discrete Mathematics
Math 201 Linear Algebra
Math 205 Research Experience
Math 306 (371) Topology
Math 321 Vector Calculus
Math 331 Differential Equations
Math 332 (482) Applied Differential Equations
Math 361 Abstract Algebra
Math 388 Topics in Mathematics (Chaos)
Math 402 (342) Numerical Analysis
Math 405-7 Independent Study and Research
Math 416 Internship
Math 431 (381) Real Analysis
Math 481 (352) Complex Analysis
Math 491 Math Seminar
Math 495-7 Honors Project

Math 101 Contemporary Mathematics
Math 102 Finite Mathematics
Math 103 Elementary Functions
Math 104 Methods in Mathematical Modeling
Math 105 Methods in Probabilistic Modeling
Math 110 Precalculus Mathematics
Math 112 Concepts and Techniques of Calculus
Math 221 Mathematical Analysis I
Math 222 Mathematical Analysis II
Math 271 Problem-Solving Seminar (Putnam)
Math 271 Problem-Solving Seminar (Modeling)
Math 342 Multivariable Vector Calculus
Math 432 Real Analysis II

ACSI 301 Theory of Interest
ACSI 406 Independent Study
ACSI 496 Honors Project
CCLS 101 Co-Curricular Learning and Service I
CCLS 102 Co-Curricular Learning and Service II
GST 400 Senior Symposium: Scientific Fact and the Art of Knowing
HHP 406 Independent Study
HNRS 301 Topics in Honors: Life at the Edge of Chaos
HNRS 412 Independent Study Project
IL 277 The Science of Sports
INQ 110 Science, Myths, Magic, and Chaos
INQ 241 The Mathematics of Voting
IST 204 Scientific Perspectives in Sports
ROA 205 Internship
ROA 216 Research
STAT 202 Probability
STAT 301 Mathematical Statistics
STAT 406 Independent Study

Analysis of Big 12 Basketball Play by Play Data (Lilly Blair)
Analysis of Fractals (Steve Garren)
Analysis of Health Care Alternatives (Danielle Shiley)
Analysis of Shot Patterns in Men's Soccer (Linnea Kremer)
Analytics of Men's and Women's Soccer (Abby Hobby)
Analytics of ODAC Baseball - Expected Runs (Sky Weber)
An Application of Fuzzy Regression to the Baseball Hall of Fame (Laura Jacobsen)
Artificial Life and the Genetic Algorithm (Angela Dowdy and Christine Valera)
Categorizing Style of Golfers and Courses (David Moreau)
Chaotic Activity in the Heart and Brain (Coleen Harper)
The Chaotic Bouncing Ball (Kim Knorr)
Consistency and Strokes Gained (David Moreau)
The Effects of the Shot Clock On Women's Lacrosse (Emma Blair)
Expected Goals in ODAC Women's Soccer (Lexi Denning)
Expected Points in ODAC Basketball (Megan Wheeler)
Exploring Chaotic Iterations (Michael Leonard)
Fourier Series, Wavelets, and Applications (Richard Goeres)
Fractal Physiology and Chaos in Medicine (Brian Sheppard)
From Mandelbrot to Julia (Marcus Cleveland)
Graphical Analysis of Field Hockey Passing (Taylor Ferebee)
Handedness and Accuracy in the NBA (Zach Rodgers)
Heart Rate Variability: Chaotic or Not (April Saul)
History of Arab Mathematics (Akram Sublouban)
Hot Hands on the PGA Tour (Carrington Austin)
Image Processing With Fourier Series and Wavelets (Emily Wooge)
L-Systems and Fractal Models of Plant Growth (Akram Sublouban)
Machine Learning for Analyzing and Predicting Armed Conflict (Katie Charbonneau)
Mandelbrot and Julia Sets (Chad White)
Mathematical Compositions and Musical Calculations (Liv Long)
Mathematical Ranking Systems (David Myer)
The Mathematics of Cryptography (Samantha Parsons)
The Mathematics of Golf (Geoff Boyer)
The Mathematics of Tennis Serves (Jake Bennett)
Meganball: Basketball Analytics (Megan Wheeler)
Model of the Spread of AIDS in Cuba (Danielle Shiley)
The Prisoner's Dilemma (Ben Hosp)
Random Boolean Networks (David Hill)
Rating System for PGA Golfers (Amanda Coughlin)
Salem Red Sox Attendance Trends (James Rowe)
Soccer Analytics: Shots or Goals? (Sarah Dvorak)
Take the Shot! Basketball Analytics (Megan Wheeler)
The Chaotic (or Noisy) Spread of Measles (Lilly Blair)
The Stability of Delay Integral Equations (Lori Schwehr)
Streak Shooting - a Cognitive Illusion? (Liz Sloop)
Time Series Analysis (Chris Assaid)
Time Series Applications (Chris Hylton)