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McGraw-Hill books with Robert Smith
Visit the McGraw-Hill web site and my page
for more information on the Smith & Minton series.

Other Books

Mathematical Themes in a First-Year Seminar, 2021, CRC Press
Sports Math, 2017, CRC Press

Golf By the Numbers, 2012, Johns Hopkins University Press
Mathematics and Sports (ed. Joseph Gallian), 2010, MAA Publications
Structured Hereditary Systems, Marcel Dekker, 1987

Notable Articles

Lipping Out and Laying Up, 2010, Math Horizons
Tigermetrics, 2010, Math Awareness Month
G.H. Hardy's Golfing Adventure, 2010, Math Awareness Month
Do Dogs Know Bifurcations? College Mathematics Journal , 2007
Winner of The George Polya Award
The Curved Cube, 2003, link to site
Why We Need Mathematics, op-ed piece, 2001 link to text
A Progression of Projectiles, College Mathematics Journal Nov, 1994
A Mathematical Rating System, UMAP Journal 1992